Spetses, a small, but very special island, is situated in Saronic Gulf. 

It impresses the visitor with its intense character which can be found in the houses and neighbourhoods, the pebbled courtyards, the churches and the white color dominating, in contrast with the blue of sea and the green of the mountain.The natural environment on one hand, and the free and generous character of the inhabitants on the other, determined the destiny of Spetses:It is located in the Myrtoon sea, close to the southern part of the Argolic Peninsula, it is 1,5 mile from the coast, on the right side of the entrance to the Argolic Gulf and has been always considered part of the Peloponnese.


The distance from Piraeus is 52 nautical milesThe area of island covers 22,5 square kilometres and the length of its coast is 28,7 kilometresIt is surrounded by hills at the highest peak of which is Prophet Elias, at a height of 291 meters.The island, covering an area of about 20,000 acres, is covered with pine trees, one of the basic elements of its beauty.In spring and autumn, rare species of flowers and plants sprout up between the pines, true jewels of the Spetses land.Regarding the island's name, the most valid version comes from the sailors of the Middle Ages, Venetian, Catalan and Genovese pirates, who named the island “ISOLA DI SPEZZIE” or “SPEZIE” meaning, island of beautiful fragrances, because of its many fragranted plants.

Access to the island is possible by sea or by land:By car, this distance from Athens to Porto Heli is 170 kilometres. The link takes place from the Costa beast in Porto Heli, by a ferry or by traditional small boats or water taxis.There are daily trips from Pireaus by flying dolphins or the ferries.

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