Hydra is the biggest island of Saronic Gulf.

The town of Hydra is built amphitheatrically to the middle of the north coast of the island, inside a close cove, which is being surrounded by huge rocks.
The first time visitor stays astonished by the imposing Manors that are located to the harbour of the island.
Left and right to the entrance lie the bastion with cannons that used to protect the city from attacks. Today the port of Hydra is full of boats that anchor here.

There is no transportation in Hydra, except from donkeys that will accompany you to your excursions and anywhere you would like to go.

You can visit the Manors and the Museums, walk through the picturesque paths and swim in beautiful beaches such as Hydronetta, Avlaki, Kamini and Spilia, while you are in Hydra. In order to go to other beaches you must go by sea transportation only.

The island has got a population of 3.000 and it is known for its natural wild beauty and its hospitality.



To the left side of the port is located the statue of Admiral Andrea Miaouli. The road beginning from the statue leads to the place "Mandraki", a war harbor during the Revolution and today a tourist place with organized beach, bungalows, tavernas and water sports. West from the statue is located the ports Authority of the island and the Museum of History. Also the Manor of Tsamados which houses the National Merchant Marine Academy. To the middle of the road that leads to the port there is the Church of Dormition (17th century) and the Town Hall. Following the road, we will meet the Tompazi Manor, property today of the School of Arts. From there we reach the place "Periptero", a most beautiful location. Down from Periptero there is the rocky beach of Spilia.  To the left exists a pine forest and the Manor of George Kountouriotis. The road from periptero continues and leads to the place "Avlaki" and "Kaminia".


Right from the Church of Dormition starts a road which leads to the interior of the city. There we meet the Manor of Lazaros Kountouriotis, which was built in the 18th century and the Church of Ypapanti. East from the Church there is a small square and the pharmacy of Rafalias, which operates since 1890. Near the pharmacy is the main road of Hydra which leads to the place "Kala Pigadia" (Good Wells). From there we can go to the old city of "Kiafa", with stone build houses and tall fences and the Church of Saint Konstantinos the Hydraian and Saint John with wonderful wall paintings. Taking the uphill path will lead us to the Monastery of Prophet Elias and to the woman Monastery of Saint Efpraxia. From here the visitor can admire the marvelous view of Hydra.

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