Agistri is one of the smallest islands in the Argosaronic gulf.

It can be reached by flyingdolphin from Piraeus port in Athens and journey takes only a hour to arrive at this paradise. Hire a bike or motor scooter (very popular) to visit remote and totally unspoiled areas. Sample local food with a relaxing drink in one of the many bars or tavernas,or maybe just soak up the sun lounging on a beach beside the crystal clear water. Agistri, although it is a small island in the Saronic Gulf is adorned with many charms, such as clear blue cool waters, countless attractive sandy or pebbled beaches and inlets and also beautiful green forest that covers the whole island full of pines that give off a fragrance that reaches the coast.

Even though it is very close to the capital of Athens, at the same time, the island of Agistri is very far from the noise and stress of it. All its villages retain their traditional look and ways and offer to the visitor everything necessary for the most pleasant and comfortable vacation. An adequate number of accommodations (Hotels, Apartments, Studios, Rooms) are available that they can suit any budget and they are provided for a comfortable, clean and pleasing hospitable visit. The beaches with their cool clear blue waters are well-looked-after and clean and they are ideal for swimming and other water sports. The dense pine-covered forest will allure every visitor for short getaways.


Agistri is located about 20 miles south of Athens and about 5 miles away from the island of Aegina. It is connected directly with the Piraeus Port as there are frequent daily services to and from Agistri.

Skala′s main beach

A beautiful island covered in green with a size of 14 sq.Km. that is surrounded with the crystal-clear blue waters of Saronic Gulf.

The pristine beaches and the hidden coast coves are dominated by serene stillness. From early dawn, the sea with its playfulness, the delightful walks under the shadow of the fragrant pine-trees, the food delicacies enjoyed at restaurants, taverna’s and the ouzo-snack-cafes and then the greatly entertaining night-life at disco-clubs and bars, will make you have an unforgettable dream vacation.

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